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  • shilpa Chaudhary

Occupational therapy session

I know occupational therapy plays a crucial role in supporting the development and well-being of children with special needs. I still remember those days when Abeer was facing various difficulties and challenges

He was having delayed Developmental milestone like sitting, crawling, walking etc which was very frustrating for me as a mother. He was not having balance, body awareness, coordination

That time i was so broken that all my senses were not working properly. I was going through emotional strain, stress, frustration that why this happened with me. sometimes u know tht u are broken but still u pretend to be very bold and face every situation like it is no big deal. that was my way of handling things. everyday i used to re-collect myself and stand boldly to face all the hurdles.

Its important to remember that u are not alone in this journey. always seek support from Occupational therapist, support groups, community resources provides valuable guidance etc.

Remember to take care of urself as well.

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