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  • shilpa Chaudhary

life is all about Sacrifices

why is it that in life we always think the most about others and one day, when it comes to ourselves, it feels like we haven't done anything in life and there was so much more to do? Today, when I want to do it, my circumstances are not supporting me

still I never loose hope and not surrendering, and I keep thinking that I should do something because sitting empty-handed will only bring sorrow and distress. A year ago, I used to feel that it won't be possible because even if I do something, who will notice it? I was tired of thinking about doing something, and yet the inner passion doesn't want to give up.

so, I will say the same to all of u as well, that you should also do something to motivate urself. even if we don't achieve success in it, at least we can make an effort now. I know that our lives are not ordinary like those of ordinary people because we have been blessed With a very lovely and precious child who solely relies on our courage and there is no-one except us who can understand them and their needs.

I just want to say that while taking care of these adorable children, don't forget urself and make an effort to do something that u like.

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